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welcome to my journal

I am five six and a half. I am loud. I bounce off the walls. I am in first grade and I'm missing teeth. This is my mother's recording of the cute things I do.

I can read and write and am learning how to type.

This journal has evolved from my mother's posts about me, to posts I make myself. I'm learning how to journal, because my mother thinks it will be a good way to learn how to express myself. Sometimes I don't get the spelling just right, and sometimes my mom will post something about me...but if she does, she has promised to ask my permission first.

I am a princess and I play tee-ball.

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Instagram ;) [ Thursday 04/18/13 3:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Pick your poison;)







Instagram ;) [ Thursday 04/18/13 3:52pm]


Writer's Block: Stuff Happens [ Saturday 02/11/12 12:33pm]
What is the best way to develop a positive attitude?

MY best way to get a positive attitude is to sit outside and sit. Alone. It is really comforting.
too too 1 //cute

Gahhh [ Friday 02/10/12 4:01pm]
I am soooooo depressed. This has not been a good week for me.

Well, It started out good.

It started out with me winning the school spelling bee and moving on to District for AISA (Alabama Independent Schools Association) and winning that and moving onto State AISA... Then I actually won State, only problem: no Nationals for Alabama. Then I get to winner of the school, County and lose on the word "mortgage" I said "mortage" So I had a really rough day. Then today! I took a test for Math team and only the top 5 can compete. I'm number FREAKING 6. GAHHHHHH!

[ Monday 05/16/11 7:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Arrive at Spy Island by balloon and then run to the right and enter the Headquarters building. Jump up to the top until you see a guy wearing a white jacket at bow-tie. This is Director D, the head of your secret agent organization. He’ll give you a Decoder Kit.

Leave the Headquarters and run down the street to the right. Enter the Spyglass Eyewear building. Walk to the left and talk to the guy standing next to the eye chart. Ask him to give you an eye exam. When you take the exam, choose the exact opposite symbol as the one he points to. By choosing the opposites, you’re giving him the secret code letting him know you’re an agent. He’ll leave and tell you to meet him upstairs.

Go outside the exit and then jump up on the outside of the building. There is a small door in the upper left. Go inside it. Talk to the eye exam guy here and he’ll reveal that he’s the scientist for secret operations. He’ll give you a special item that he has just developed: the chameleon suit. Go ahead and put this suit on and you’ll blend into the background whenever you are standing still. Leave this room and run left through Main Street. Go to the Docks.

When you arrive at the docks, start making your way up to the top onto the roof. Avoid the guards by standing still. When you’re not moving, your chameleon suit will make you invisible and the guards cannot see you. Run across the roof until you reach a small doorway. Then go inside.

Head down through the floors in this room the same way. You can avoid the dogs whenever you stand still. When you get to the bottom-left corner of the room, you can drop down an opening into a smaller room. One of your fellow secret agents is lying on the floor, tied up with rope. Click on him to set him free. He’ll give you a laser pen, which is an ordinary looking pen that can cut through certain types of metal. He’ll also give you a satellite clue card before he runs off. Next, jump out through the hole in the roof and this time run to the right along the floor until you reach the exit. Then go through and you’ll be back out on the docks. Run back to the right to Main Street.

Run right through Main Street to Balding Avenue. Then keep going until you get to the B.A.D. Bistro. If you’re still wearing your chameleon suit, it will automatically be removed when you enter. Run through the restaurant past the B.A.D. operatives at the table and go into the kitchen. Talk to the chef and apply for the job.

When you apply, you’ll take a test where you have to remember the order of ingredients that the chef points to with his wooden spoon. After you pass the test, you’ll be hired and get a chef hat. Put it on. Then go back out to the table and talk to the B.A.D. operatives. One of them will ask you fill up his glass. He’ll give you a wine glass that has his fingerprint on it. Run back into the kitchen and then jump up above the stove into an opening in the ceiling. Leap across the lights hanging down to cross back over the restaurant area without the B.A.D. operatives seeing you leave with the glass. When you reach the end, drop back down and then leave the restaurant.

Once outside, run right until you see a guy in the bushes wearing camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a folder called File X. Open up your backpack and examine the file. Slide the paper back into the file so that only one row of letters can be seen. You can now read a secret message from top to bottom that says:

Don’t Trust Director D

Uh-oh! Could Director D be a double agent? We’ll soon find out. Continue running right to Toupee Terrace. You’ll come to a house with an alarm system on all the windows. Keep jumping up the windows and side ledges while avoiding the lights that turn on. Go all the way up ad across the house until you get to the roof. At th e very top there is a grate. Click on it and use the laser pen to cut the metal bars, then go inside.

Once inside the attic, walk to the left and you’ll find another fellow agent tied up. Click on him to release him. He’ll give you a special item: a grappling bow-tie, one of the coolest items in Poptropica. Using this tie, you can swing from building to building with ease. Kind of like Spiderman. He’ll also give you another piece of the Satellite Clues. Go back outside the attic and jump down. Then head left back to Balding Avenue.

Put on your grappling bow-tie and stand on the ledge next to the guy in camo who gave you the file. Then click on the bow-tie icon in the lower-left corner of your screen. Aim straight up. The bow-tie should catch far above and carry you up to a sign that points to the rooftop. Click it to head up there.

Jump up to the top of the roof and stand on the very edge over on the left. Click on the bow-tie again and aim at about a 30 degree angle to the left. The bow-tie should attach to the radio tower with red lights on it. You’ll jump all the way to it. It can be tricky to land on it cleanly, so if you miss, just keep using your bow-tie to get yourself to the very top of the radio tower. Once there, aim your bow-tie out to the right at about a 20 degree angle and you should end up on another glass rooftop. There’s a metal air vent up here. Click on it to go inside.

Now you’re in a big greenhouse. Run to the far right, where you’ll see a cherry bomb tree with a large cherry bomb growing in it. Click on the cherry bomb to make it drop. The fuse starts, so quickly push it to the left onto the top of the plant nearby. This is a spring plant and it will shoot the cherry up onto the platform above. Use your bow-tie to jump up there as well. Push the cherry bomb again to the left until it drops down. Then push it on the next plant and follow it up. Now push it in front of the door to a cage where another fellow agent is being held captive. Wait for the bomb to explode and destroy the door then click on the agent inside. She’ll give you some ultra vision goggles and the remaining piece of the satellite clues. Then she takes off.

Put on the ultra vision goggles and then drop down to the left and exit the greenhouse. Jump down and off to the right until you land on the ground in Balding Avenue. Head right again to Toupee Terrace and run past the house with the security alarms. Go all the way to the right through a hole in a fence with a sign saying that it’s the B.A.D. control center.

This area has a series of lasers that you need to avoid by timing your moves across. First go all the way to the right and then go up the slanted side of the building. You’ll get to a moving platform, jump on it and then go to the left onto another platform that goes from left to right. This part is kind of tricky. Jump again to another up/down platform on the left and then up to the platform above. There’s a door there with a fingerprint scanner. Since you have the wine glass with the fingerprint on it, you’ll use that to sneak inside.

Jump up while avoiding the lasers until you get to a platform with computers. You’ll get trapped inside a cage and then Director D will come out and save you. He’ll ask you to get the teleporter working. Use the satellite clues and place each clue on top of each other. They’ll spell out a code: LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Enter those three words once by one into the computer. The teleporter will turn on and then Director D will step inside. Follow him through the teleporter.

Director D will reveal two things: one, he’s wearing a toupee and two, he’s behind the B.A.D. organization. He’s a double-agent after all! He’s got control of his satellite back and plans to vaporize the hair off everyone in Poptropica. He’ll step inside his rocket and then some mini-bot robots will appear out of the wall.

Now it’s time to test your bow-tie grappling hook skills to the max! Your goal is to lure the mini-bots into the gold power speheres located around the room. The first two are really easy because they’re on the ground. The next two are tough, because they’re up high. The goal is to place yourself on the opposite side of the sphere from the mini-bot. It will go on a straight line to get you but electrocute itself when it hits the sphere. When all the mini-bots are destroyed, Director D comes after you in his rocket satellite thing. Using the same technique, try to get him to smash his ship into the ceiling several times while avoiding him. Once he smashes up his ship, he’ll surrender and be put in prison. You’ve finished the island and won the medallion. Congratulations!

Spy Island Glitch
Note: some people are saying that this glitch with Director D does not happen for them and that he only appears in the cage. It might just be a random thing.

Wow, you read this far? Good for you. You get a nice reward. Did you know there’s a story line glitch in Spy Island? If you finish the island and then return to Headquarters you can meet and talk with all the agents that you freed, as well as the secretary of the agency (the guy who gives you the island medallion). But if you go all the way to the top of the HQ, guess who’s still standing there? That’s right, Director D! The Poptropica Creators forgot to remove him from HQ after he reveals he’s actually a double agent and the mastermind behind the B.A.D. plot.


Superpower island [ Monday 05/16/11 7:39pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Getting Started

The first thing to do is go to Super Power island. When you arrive, just walk a bit to the right and go inside the Comic Shop. You’ll see a geeky looking guy on the right-hand side of the shop with pimples and wearing big black-rim glasses. Talk to him and ask him if he has anything other than comic books. He will give you a book called The Superhero’s Handbook that he wrote. You can read the book in your inventory. It’s a pretty funny book.

Leave the comic shop and go to the next store on the right, the Masks and Capes shop. Go to the guy to the left holding the scissors. He will give you a Super Hero ID card which identifies you as a superhero and tracks the number of villains that you have defeated. On the other side of the shop is a row of mannequins that have different costumes on them. Click on them to pick your costume. You can mix and match pieces from all the different costumes.

Next, leave the Masks and Capes shop and walk to the left. Cross through the water and you will come to an island with a prison that has a green meteorite that smashed into it. Talk to the guard with the gray hair and moustache. He is the prison warden. Talk to him about the escaped prisoners and he will give you an item called the, Super Villain Files. You can look through these files to see all the villains that you need to capture. Then talk to the woman wearing the lab coat and she will give you anti-power handcuffs, which are designed to let you capture super-villains. Once you have those items, it’s time to capture some super-villains! Go all the way to the right until you get to a sign that says Downtown. Click on that sign to go to the next room. It’s a short one. Walk to the right and then click on the next sign and you will arrive at Main Street. Talk to the police officers standing outside of the bank and they will tell you that Copy Cat, one of the super-villains who escaped the prison, is inside.

Capturing Copy Cat

Enter the bank and walk to the left, where Copy Cat is standing. She will make several copies of herself and each one of those copies will hide in a different spot in the bank. She will also drop a smoke grenade on the ground and you will only have about a minute until there’s too much smoke in the bank for you to breathe. You have to capture all the copies of her before there’s too much smoke in the bank. Just walk over each copy of her to make it go poof and disappear. You’ll have to jump up a little to capture all of the copies. Use the elevator on the far right to get to the upper level.

When you get to the last copy cat, you will capture her and you’ll see a newspaper announcing her capture. You’ll be sent back to the prison and you’ll see her back behind bars. If you look at your Super Hero ID card in your inventory, you’ll see that you have one sticker in your villains defeated section. Now it’s time to catch some more!

Capturing Speeding Spike

Go back to Main Street and then go all the way to the right until you get to a Subway sign. Click on the steps to go down into the Subway Station. Talk to the police officers in the Subway Station and they will tell you they need help catching Speeding Spike. Go inside the train and then walk all the way to the right, where you’ll see Speeding Spike holding a bag of money. Catching him is easy. Just keep jumping over him when he tries to hit you with the bag of money. He’ll keep moving to the left to different train cars and if you can keep getting him to miss you he’ll get so tired out that he sits down on the floor. When he does that, walk up to him to put on the handcuffs and send him back to prison.

Capturing Sir Rebral

Go back all the way to the right and this time go past the Subway Station stairs to get to the City Park. When you arrive, you’ll see that Sir Rebral is standing on top of a broken statue. When you go near him, you find out that he’s controlling rocks that fly up from the ground and follow you until they hit you. You need to position yourself so that you can jump to avoid them (they’ll still follow you) and then get yourself on the other side of Sir Rebral so that the rocks hit him instead. This will make him angry and then parts of the ground will start popping up.

The next step is to find the light gray rock that you can push. Move this rock on top of one of the places where the ground pops up so that the rock will fly up into the air and hit Sir Rebral. This will knock him down and stun him so that you can walk up to him and capture him with the handcuffs. You’ll go back to the prison where you can see him safely behind bars.

Capturing Ratman

Return to the City Park and go inside the public washroom. There’s a hole next to one of the toilets. Go down the hole to get into the sewers. Walk over to the left and you will see a brown wheel. Click on it while standing on the platform underneath and the water will drain so that you move downwards. When it stops, go to the right until you get to some platforms. Jump up those and you will find another wheel. Turn it to make the water rise again partway. Swim to the left until you find another wheel and the water will rise again. Go to the left one more time and you’ll find a door that you can enter. Go through the door and Ratman will be inside. Jump up to the top right corner of the Sewer Room while avoiding the rats, and you will see a red wheel. Click on it to turn it, and it will sprinkle water over the Ratman and his flies. Ratman will be knocked out and the flies that are buzzing around him will start following you. If they touch you, you will get stung so you want to try to get to Ratman very quickly. Click on him to handcuff him and send him back to prison.

Capturing Crusher

Head back to City Park and go all the way to the right. You’ll see a sign for the Junkyard. Follow that sign to go inside. When you arrive, you’ll see Crusher standing on top of a pile of junk. Talk to the police there and they’ll tell you they’re unable to capture him. Good thing you’re a Super Hero here to save the day again.

To defeat Crusher, you’re going to sneak to sneak past him twice. Head all the way to the right and get up on top of the oil barrels then leap onto the platform where he is standing and run right past him. You’ll get to a crane. Jump up the crane until you get to the cab at the top and click on it. Then drag the magnet control lever. The crane will release a heavy refrigirator which will fall on Crusher. But he lifts it off and throws it at you, knocking you back down. And now he’s really mad.

You have to sneak past Crusher one more time, but now he is hurling empty oil barrels at you and they will knock you down if you get hit. Try to get back to the crane one more time without getting hit by the oil barrels as you go. When you get all the way back to the cab of the crane, click and drag the magnet lever again to turn it back on. The magnet will pick up Crusher and then crush him flat! You can then safely go down to where he is and put the handcuffs back on him. Crusher is going back to jail!

Capture Betty Jetty

Go back to the main area and walk by the telephone booth, which will be ringing. Answer it and you’ll be given a new superpower. The ability to fly! Click on the flght icon in the lower-left corner to fly in the air.

Go to the Downtown area and fly up to the very top of the Skyscraper and then go up. You’ll see Betty Jetty standing on top of an antenna. She will taunt you and fly away. Make sure your flight power is activated and chase after her. She will throw green energy balls at you. Each time you dodge them, you’ll get a little closer to her and eventually you will be close enough to capture her. You can easily avoid the green energy balls she throws by moving off screen each time they come near you.

After you catch her, she will taunt you again, and Ned Noodlehead will appear and knock her over. Then you can put the handcuffs on her and she is captured and put back in prison.

Claim Your Reward

When you talk to the warden, he will say that he gave the island medallion to Ned Noodlehead for capturing Betty Jetty. You can get Ned to give it to you by first going to the hot dog vendor in City Park. Talk to the vendor and he will give you a hot dog. Then go back to the comic book shop and talk to Ned Noodlehead. He will offer to trade you the medallion for a hot dog. Do the trade and you will finish this island. Hooray!


24 Carrot Island Walkthrough [ Monday 05/16/11 7:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Entry Area and Carrot Farm

As soon as you arrive on 24-carrot island, go left to the Carrot Farm. Walk past the farmer and jump up onto the roof of the house and then go down the chimney. When you get inside the house, go to the right past the couch and you’ll get an Empty Bowl. Now go back up the chimney and outside the house. Go right to return to the starting area. Go to the right and then head inside the Carrot King Diner. Talk to the waitress right by the door and ask her to fill your bowl with milk. Then go back outside and return to the Carrot Farm. Go back into the house through the chimney.

This time, go to the right. You will automatically place the bowl of milk on the floor where you picked it up. Go to the right and jump up onto the second floor and then run to the left over to where the bathtub is. Turn on the water in the bathtub and a cat will jump out of the tub. Walk slowly behind him to “chase” him downstairs and then follow him there. He will see the bowl of milk and drink from it and then Meow. Now he’s your friend for life and will follow you anywhere. Go back outside the house and head right to the main entry area.

Now go right past the diner and the theater and go into Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co. Walk to the right and talk to the woman standing next to the counter wearing the apron. Tell her you found her cat (his name is Whiskers) and then she will give you a crowbar.

Go back outside and run to the right. Follow the sign to the Factory. When you get there, keep running to the right. Jump up the left side of the factory to the roof and you will find the Vent Blueprint. You don’t really need it but it can help you navigate the vents inside the factory if you get a little lost. Jump down the right side of the building and you’ll see a pipe near some old barrels floating in the water. Since you have the crowbar, just click on the lid of the pipe and you will pry it open. Then you will head inside.

Getting Into the Factory

Run left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter. You won’t really need this either, but it’s cool to have. Now jump up the left side of the pipe and then right to the right back over the valves that open and shut. The trick to get over these is to stand at the edge and be patient. Start running just as they’re closing and do one at a time. Some of them are tricky because they open and shut pretty fast.

Keep going and you’ll see a giant rat. He’s very easy to avoid if you jump up into the little section of pipe that goes above. You can go down the other side and keep going left. Jump up through the top and you’ll be inside a dark room inside the factory.

Inside the Factory

The Machine Room
Run over to the left and stand in front of the Master Engine panel. There are three levers on the machine and they are all in the up position.. Move the left lever so that it is midway between up and down. The little green light above it will light up. Move the middle lever all the way down and the right lever to the same position inbetween up and down as you did with the lever on the left. All three green lights will light up and then the main lights in the room will go on and the master engine will start moving.

Head over to the right side of the room and jump up on the boxes. Jump up to the left onto the platform and then onto the top of the three barrels. A giant mechanical arm will come by and when it does, jump up onto that. It will come to a platform on the right and when it does, jump off onto the platform and enter the open vent.

The Vent
The vent is a little bit like a maze where you can only see a little bit in front of you as you go. It’s pretty easy to get through and if you get stuck you can just ue the vent blueprints that you found outside. Head down and to the left and keep going until you see part of the passageway that is covered in ice. Go up and through that passageway and then down the other side. You’ll quickly come to where there is a pair of wire cutters on the ground. Run over them to pick them up. Keep going down and to the right and you will arrive at another grate in the vent. Click on it to go through.

Security System
You’ll arrive on a platform with a sign that says Security System and where the word enabled is lit up. Jump down onto the floor and very quickly a flying security robot will find you and then zap you. You’ll turn white and disappear and then emerge in a refrigerated room. Over to the right is a panel labeled Security System. Click on that to use the wire cutters. Cut all three wires (red, green and yellow) to disable the system. Now go to the right and jump up to the top where there is a grate you can exit to go back into the Vent.

Packing Room
Jump up into the vent and head up and to the right. You should quickly come to a new vent grate. Go inside and you’ll be in another room of the factory where the carrots are put in crates. You need to jump through a few open chutes where carrot crates come flying through. Stand on the edge of each chute and wait for the crates to stop falling before proceeding to the next one. The crates come in groups of different numbers. It’s easy to figure out the patterns if you’re patient and make it all the way through. Go to the right and jump down onto the factory floor. Then go left.

Soon you’ll find a girl wearing a set of metal rabbit ears and strange swirly glasses. Click on her and say, “Hey, What’s that behind you?” You’ll see a close-up of the top of the rabbit ears. There’s a little power button in the middle. Press that to turn the ears off and the girl will no longer be under their hypnotic power. She will get a printout from the giant machine that gives you the system password for the computer which is: fuzzybunny. Now go a little to the left and jump back up to the vent grate where you entered. Click on it to go back into the vents.

Return to the Security Robot Room
OK now you want to head back to the same place you were in before where the security robot zapped you so use your vent blueprint if you need to and get back to that same entrance and go inside.

Because you disabled the security system, the robot will not bother you. Go to the bottom right where you see a doorway and a sign that says, “Authorized Bunny Drones Only” When you try to go through the door, you will drop through a trap door in the ground because you are not an authorized bunny drone. That’s ok, we’re about to take care of that. You will land in a new factory room. Jump down to the left and you will land on a conveyer belt. Head to the right and be careful to avoid the giant presses that come crashing down or you will get squashed. There’s also some hot carrot juice that comes out that will burn you if you get hit. Once you get past these things, jump up on top of the steel girder and you will see a bunny ears hat. Run over it to pick it up. These are drone ears just like all the other people in here are wearing. Go ahead and put them on now and then go through the Exit.

You’ll arrive back in the room that had the security robot and the trap door. Now, while you’re wearing the bunny drone ears, go back to the big doorway. This time, you’re authorized and you can get inside.

Dr. Hare
You’ll be standing next to Dr. Hare. He thinks you’re one of his drones and tells you to start the launch sequence for his big spaceship. Jump up the spaceship. There will be a platform on the right with a big computer on it and a guy wearing the drone ears next to it. Click on him and say, “Look, a giant bunny!” You’ll zoom in on his ears. Press the power button to turn them off. Then click on the computer and enter the password, which is fuzzybunny. It will then ask you to enter a command. The command is on a sticky note on the computer and it is launch rabbot. Make sure you spell it just like that. It’s rabbot and not rabbit. Rabbot is the name of the robot spaceship.

The robot spaceship will launch and then you will be able to control it with the joystick on the computer. Now you want to try and crash the spaceship by moving it into the path of the oncoming asteroids. Each time you hit one, Dr. Hare will yell at you. After you hit four asteroids, the robot spaceship will explode and Dr. Hare will fly off into space. You did it! Now follow the guy up the rope and out of the factory.

You’ll be back in the main area standing in front of the gas station, but now 24 Carrot Island is bright and colorful again. Go all the way to the left and talk to the mayor. He will thank you and give you a medallion for saving the town. Congratulations!


Time Tangled Island Walkthrough [ Monday 05/16/11 7:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The Arrival

You will arrive on a beach. Walk to the right and there will be a building that says Party Time Tower. This is a multi-player room. To do this adventure, keep on walking. There is a crying lady standing outside of a building called, Pendulum’s Lab. Click on her and she will tell you about your mission. When she goes into the building, follow her inside.

Walk to the right until you see the lady again. Talk to her again. Now she will give you a mission printout that you can read in your items inventory. If you want to learn more about the Future Machine, talk to the man that’s wearing glasses and an apron.

To power up the Future Machine, go left and down to find the power supply. Push it together by walking towards it until it closes to activate it.

The Future

Walk back to the door of the Future Machine, which will be pulsing blue, and click on it to enter. The future will be in ruins. You will meet yourself but 50 years older in the future. Talk to future you and you will get a special time travel device that looks like a golden stopwatch. There will also be a sign in the future that says:

It wasn’t supposed to be this way! Something happened in the past that ruined mankind’s future. Can you turn back the hands of time and make things right?”

Tips and Help

When you finish helping everyone, go back into the future. Use the hover tube and monorails to get to your future self’s SkyHome. There, talk to your future self and they will give you the Time Twisted Island Medal.

Time Periods
2011 AD – LAB – Main Street
0328 BC – man in golden armor – Ancient Greece
0831 AD – man in Viking suit – Vikings
1387 AD – lady with pink turban – Mali Empire
1516 AD – bearded man – Da Vinci’s Workshop
1519 AD – man with headdress – Aztec Empire
1593 AD – armored Asian man – Great Wall of China
1776 AD – man with black hat – The Graff House
1805 AD – man with beaver cap – Lewis and Clark
1877 AD – young man – Edison’s Workshop
1882 AD – French man – Statue of Liberty
1953 AD – man in blue hoodie – Mount Everest
Who Needs What
Ancient Greece: Golden Vase
Vikings: Thor’s Amulet
Mali Empire: Salt Rocks
Da Vinci’s Workshop: Notebook
Aztec Empire: Sun Stone Piece
Great Wall of China: Stone Bowl
The Graff House: Declaration of Independence
Lewis and Clark: Peace Medal
Edison’s Workshop: Phonograph
Statue of Liberty: Statue Model
Mount Everest: Climbing Goggles
Where Things Are
Climbing Goggles: In the Aztec Empire, and a guard is wearing them, the guard will give them to you if you are wearing the Warrior’s Mask( see last list).
Statue Model: The very top peak of Mount Everest you can get to.
Phonograph: On top of the treasury building( the guards are standing in front of it) in Ancient Greece. You have to climb up onto the building that the Oracle(a person) is in. It helps to have the Glider when getting it( see last list).
Peace Medal: Hanging on the pulley system in Da Vinci’s Workshop. First climb onto the middle platform, making the top one come closer so you can jump on it. Get on the top platform, you will go down but the bottom platform will come out. Jump onto the bottom platform and from there jump and try to touch the shiny silver circle. If you touch it, then you’ve got the Peace Medal.
Declaration of Independence: In the Mali Empire( watch out for snakes) there will be a place called “Timbuktu Inn”. A document merchant is in there. Piece together a puzzle for him to get the Declaration of Independence.
Stone Bowl: Go to Lewis and Clark’s campsite. There will be a tree that has the words “Clark was here” cut into it. Climb the tree and wait for a beaver to come out, he has the bowl on his head.
Sun Stone Piece: On top of Edison’s Workshop. Go to the left and jump on the car. Click the circle-thingy that lights up and the car will go and stop under the tree. Climb up the tree and onto the house.
Notebook: Go to the Statue of Liberty. Climb so your on the very top platform of the wooden stilts. Jump to your left. You will land on a ledge. The Notebook is on the ledge below that.
Salt Rocks: If you go to the Graff House and climb the tree, then jump onto the roof, they are in a bag right there.
Thor’s Amulet: Go to the Great Wall of China and pass the construction zone. A man will be wearing the amulet. If you beat him in a memory game he will give it to you.
Golden Vase: This is most definitely the hardest. Go to the Great Wall of China and pick up a barrel of explosives. Go to where the Vikings are and climb onto the first cliff. Click the rock-pile and run. It should blow up. Pick up the torch and go inside. You only have a little while before your torch goes out to find the vase. It will also go out if you step in water.
Clothes You Can Get:
Warrior’s Mask: In the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he’ll give his mask to you.
The Glider: Da Vinci gives it to you when you give him his notebook.
The Viking Suit: It’s laying on the second cliff where the Vikings are, use the Glider to get there.


[ Monday 05/16/11 7:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough

When you arrive on the island, head immediately all the way to the right and follow the sign to the Ancient Ruins. You can stop by and visit some of the buildings like the Shark Museum on the way, but they’re not necessary for completing the mission. Go through the next short room and head to the right. You’ll arrive in the ancient ruins. Go all the way to the right and watch out for the dropping coconuts as you go. Go to the end and you’ll see a sign for Booga Bay. Go right again and head for the bay.

Go right through this short room and then you’ll arrive in lovely Booga Bay. Talk to the first guy you see at the Grass Skirts stand. He’ll give you a grass skirt so that you will look like a native islander. Put on the grass skirt and then head back left to the ancient ruins. When you arrive in the ruins, jump over the big stone in the middle so that you are standing on the left side of it and then push it to the right until it is underneath the vine right next to the palm tree. Now jump up on the top of the block. Watch out for falling coconuts and then jump up again to catch the vine.

Continue climbing up the vine and jumping up on the platforms on the tree until you get to the very top, where you’ll find a medicine man. He will talk to you because you look like an islander in your grass skirt. Click on him and ask him, “What else can you tell me?” He will tell you that deep in the temple there is a wall carving that will show you what you need to bring to him so that he can make a potion that will put the big shark to sleep.

Jump off the platform and keep going down until you reach the ground. Walk a short distance to the left and you’ll see the entrance to the temple. It is in the mouth of the big statue and has spider webs in it. Go inside and then jump down the platforms in the first area.

Soon, you’ll be standing on a platform and there will be a swinging platform to your left. Time your jump so that you land on it and then keep moving to the left. You’ll reach a wall and then will need to go all the way to the bottom. Watch out for the purple bats, who will knock you over. Once you get to the bottom, go left and then jump all the way up again. Soon you’ll see a big green control panel in the upper left corner. Jump up onto that platform and click on the panel.

This panel will open the door to the left, but only if you press the correct teeth in the mouth. Counting from the left, you need to click on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th teeth. Then press the big triangle above the teeth and between the two eyes. The door will open and you can go through it to the left. Keep going through the next passage and you’ll arrive inside a large chamber with a green vine hanging down. This one works a lot like the chamber before. Just jump onto the vine and drop all the way down to the bottom. Go left some more and you’ll come up to a big golden statue of the shark. Jump up on top of that statue and then over it. At this point, you can either jump up onto the swinging panel above you and keep going left, or just head straight across. If you jump up, you’ll get to a small pit with spikes in the walls. Jump down here and you’ll land next to an old skeleton with a bone in its mouth. Walk over to the bone to pick it up.

Now head right and go back to the shark statue. Climb back up to the top and jump on the swinging platform and go left until you get to the pit with the spikes in the walls. Wait here for the sliding platform to come close and then jump on it. Ride it to the other side of the pit and then jump off and exit to the left. Go through the passageway and you’ll arrive in another chamber with a green vine. Just jump down here and run across the floor until you get to a giant pedestal with an urn holding some green stuff in it. Jump up on top of that and you will get the Key Ingredient. There’s a vine here. Jump up onto it and climb up to leave the chamber. You’ll be in a small room with platforms. Keep jumping up to the top and then exit.

You’ll appear out of a hole in the sand right at the beginning part of the island next to the guy selling shark fins. You can get one from him if you like, but you don’t need it to solve the mission. Now walk to the right a little and talk to the guy standing next to the booth outside the Coconut Cafe. He will give you some carbonated coconut milk, which is the 3rd and final ingredient you need to bring to the Medicine Man.

Now go to the right and head for the ancient ruins. Push the stone in the middle back underneath the vine next to the tree and go back up to visit the Medicine Man. He will take all of the ingredients and create a potion for you. You’ll get the Calming Potion from him, which can be used to calm the Great Booga Shark. Jump off the tree to the right and head to Booga Bay.

After you arrive in Booga Bay, go to the right until you pass a fisherman and arrive at a cannon with a sign next to it that says, “Feed the Shark.” Click on the cannon and point it up in the air and then click again to launch the coconut with the potion in it into the bay. As soon as it lands in the water, the great Booga shark will appear and eat it. He’ll turn green and then fall asleep below the water. Click on the “Back” button in the upper-right corner of the game to return to the main screen. Now you can safely cross the water while the shark is sleeping. Cross the island and you will come to a small island. Go right at the end and you will then arrive next to Professor Hammerhead.

Talk to Professor Hammerhead and he will thank you for rescuing him and the boy and ask you to lead them back to the mainland. Head to the left again and back across the water. Both the professor and the boy will follow you. When you arrive back to where the crying woman is standing, she will thank you for rescuing her son. Professor Hammerhead will then give you a gold medallion and you have completed the adventure. Congratulations!


Cheats for Early Poptropica Island [ Monday 05/16/11 7:33pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Go all the way to the right until you arrive in Early Poptropica.
Talk to the settlers. One of them says he is missing his pig and that a spider stole it.
Another settler complains about a stolen bucket for the well.
There is one more settler on top of the tower. He says they have lost their flag and need it back.
Go all the way back to the beginning and you will see an open sewer grate by a fire hydrant.
Go down inside the sewer and get the pig in the bottom right corner.
Go back out of the sewer and get back onto the street.
Find the guy who was missing his pig and click on him. He will take his pig back.
Go down the well.
Find the glow stick. It is in the upper-left corner.
Go back up and get out of the well.
Go left back to the start.
Now you need to keep going left and get to Poptropica Towers.
Find another pothole and go down.
Explore the sewer maze below the street until you find a golden egg (hint: watch the walkthrough video for the exact path to take).
Get the egg.
Work your way up the buildings until you get to the last one.
Get to the top of the last one and go up the vine.
Click on the giant.
Keep on going right until you find a bucket and a jetpack.
Once you find those items go back down to the street.
Go back to Main Street and with the jetpack fly to the top of the water tower and retrieve the flag.
Go back to Early Poptropica and give the man by the wall his water bucket.
Go up to the tall wooden tower and give the man his flag.
A ship will come to shore and you need to click on the man on the ship to get your medal.


Cheats for Wild West Island [ Monday 05/16/11 7:29pm]
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Dusty Gulch and Diamond Plains
As soon as you arrive in the entry place (Dusty Gulch) run to the right until you get to Rusty’s Ranch. Talk to the guy to help him train the horse.
In this mini-game, you need to move your blue mouse cursor left and right to try and stay close to the white cursor that is moving around. This will keep the horse balanced and after a while you’ll win and get the horse and a special horse whistle to call him.
Click on the horse to ride him and then head to the left to talk to the woman riding the horse near the beginning. She will give you a letter to deliver to Marshal Taylor in Diamond Plains.
Go to the left and leave town.
Now you’re on the overhead map. There’s a small mini-map in the upper-right corner that will show you where you are. Ride to the right towards Diamond Plains and go over one of the yellow badge stars on the ground to enter the town.
Your first stop is the Marshal’s office. Talk to the deputy inside and he’ll tell you that Marshal Taylor isn’t here. He tells you to check the Saloon. Head to the right to go to the next area, where you can find the saloon.
Go inside the saloon and walk to the right where you’ll find two guys spitting chewing gum into a bucket (gross!). They’ll let you play.
In this mini-game, called Spit-N-Time, the object is to get your gum into the bucket. You move the arrow to select the angle and hold the mouse button down for more spitting power. A small arc appears and moves. Release the mouse button when it hits the center of the bucket. If you beat the other player, you’ll win and the guys will point you to Marshal Taylor who is sitting on the left. Note that if you try to talk to Marshal Taylor before winning this game, he’ll just be asleep.
Go over and talk to Marshal Taylor. Read him the letter and he’ll give you his Marshal’s Badge. Congratulations, you’re now the Marshal!
Now you need to go back to Dusty Gulch and talk to the guy at the photo booth. Because you’re now the Marshal, he’ll take your picture. Use the mouse to try and keep the camera steady and straight and when you do, you’ll have your very own photographic portrait.
Now ride back to Diamond Plains and go inside the Marshal’s office. Click on the portrait in your backpack and select the Use button. Your picture will appear above the door and the deputy will give you the pea shooter gun that belongs to the marshal.
As soon as that happens, there will be a jail break. It looks like Mustachio’s gang has arrived!
In the next scene, you’ll need to chase the gang on the overhead map, but they’ll get away in a train tunnel. For now, it’s on to the next town in Wild West Island!
Dos Cactos and Rock Ridge
Look at your map and head for the town of Dos Cactos. When you first arrive, you’ll be at the shooting contest.
In this game, you compete against other shooters to hit targets. There’s a timer and whoever gets the most points in the time allowed wins. The first opponent is the Man With No Name. The next opponent is Young Kid. If you beat both of them, you’ll take on the Gunslinger. After him, it’s on to Old Gunslinger. Finally, you’ll go up against Miss Annie Oakley, who is a tough and fast opponent to beat.
Once you beat Annie, you’ll win the competition and they’ll give you an upgraded gun, the Spud Gun. Potatoes are way better than peas!
Now head to the right and jump up the huge cactus. At the top is a casino. Go inside.
Walk upstairs and talk to the guy up there. He’ll tell you to play a game of Slap-Jack.
If you’ve never played it before, the game is simple. You take turns putting cards in the middle of the table. Whenever a Jack appears, the first person to slap their hand down on it wins all the cards in the pile. If you slap another card by mistake, you lose one of your cards. Whoever evnds up with all the cards at the end is the winner.
After you win, the guy there will give you a treasure map showing where to find gold.
Leave the casino and go down to the right. Talk to the guy with the big head. He’ll tell you he needs the rare blue tulip to shrink his head down to normal size.
Now leave town and ride southeast to Rock Ridge. When you arrive, talk to the guy with the cows. He’ll tell you that he needs you to find and catch his calf. He’ll give you a lasso to help.
Leave town and follow the trail of horseshoe marks. You’ll see the calf shortly. Now chase after him and lasso him when you can. This is just like the sneak preview round ‘em up game. Press the space bar once to start twirling the lasso and then press it again to release. Once you catch the calf, lead him to the ranch (it’s on your map) and then return to the guy in Rock Ridge.
He’ll give you an old saddle as a reward. He’ll also ask you for another favor, which is to capture five cows that have wandered off. This is how you get the rare Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit. But we’ll get that a little later…
Run to the right and you’ll see R.J. Earl’s wagon, where he’s selling elixirs and mixtures. Watch as he gives a guy a vanishing potion. Then run to the right and talk to the guy at the bank. He’ll tell you that El Mustachio Grande is planning to rob his bank. Now leave town and ride back to the ranch. Look around to find the five cattle and rope them the same way you did with the calf. Lead each one back to the ranch. When you have caught all five, go back to the guy in Rock Ridge and he’l give you the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit.
Leave town again and ride all the way back to the starting town, Dusty Gulch.
Trading for Gold, Oil and Elixirs
The first stop here is the trading post. Go inside and jump up to the top. Trade your old saddle for a Gold Pan.
Leave town and ride to the spot in the East on the treasure map you got from the guy in the casino.
When you get here, you’ll use the gold pan to try and find gold nuggets in the river. All you need to do is to pick a spot that is sparkling and click on it to put your pan down. Then move your mouse cursor slowly back and forth many times to shake out the rocks and dirt. It may take a few tries, but eventually, you’ll find a gold nugget.
Ride back to Dusty Gulch and go inside the Trading Post again. Now trade the gold pan for the oil can.
Now ride East to Diamond Plains. Go to the right and jump up onto the clock tower. Go inside (the entrance is next to the guy repairing it). Work your way to the right and then up and over. You’ll need to click on the rope pulleys to drop the red iron girders so that you can pass. Once you make it all the way through, use the oil in your backpack to loosen up the gears. Click on each gear inbetween the two main gears and drop just enough oil so that each one is sparkly-clean. Then click on the turn gears button in the lower-right and the clock will be fixed!
Leave the tower through the exit and then head right to the train station. You’ll see the train has arrived and it’s ready to go. But we’re not going to take it just yet. We need a little something from R.J. Earl first.
Ride down to Rock Ridge and go speak with R.J. Earl. Open your backpack and use the gold nugget you found in the river. He’ll sell you all of his potions for the gold nugget.
Now ride out of town and return to Diamond Plains.
Train and Mine Cart Rides
Board the train and head for Dos Cactos. The first time you ride the train, you’ll play the Train Robbery game. This one is tough but the idea is pretty simple. You need to shoot the bandits that are attacking and prevent them from reaching the front of the train. They also shoot back, so you need to avoid them when they point their guns at you.
The key to winning is to use the Concentration Carbonate in the lower left corner. This freezes everything until your next shot, making it very easy to hit the target. Use it, but do so sparingly because it will run out.
After you defeat all the bandits, the train arrives safely.
Now ride the train again and this time go to Rock Ridge. Go straight to the right to the mine.
Before going into the mine, walk to the left and click on the canary. You’ll shoot your gun and frighten him, making him drop a key. Use the key to enter the mine to the right.
Walk to the right and jump into the mine cart. This will start a long mine cart ride.
During the ride, all you need to do is wait for the signal flags to appear and then click on them to shoot them. When you do the track will correct itself so that you avoid some nasty obstacles in your way. After several of the signals, you’ll arrive at the end of the mine track.
Jump up onto the hill and you’ll find a Blue Tulip. Then a cave-in will start and you’ll appear at the bottom of a rope. Climb up the rope. Pay no attention to the cow in the mine cart.
You’ll be up on the other side of Rock Ridge. Run over to the bank and jump up above the door frame, where you’ll find half of the map to the bandit hideout.
Now ride your horse to Dos Cactos and speak to the guy with the big head. Use the blue tulip in your backpack to give it to him. His head will return to normal size and he’ll give you the second half of the map to the hideout.
The hideout now appears on your main map. It’s on the left side, near the bottom. Ride out of town and head for the hideout.
The Bandit Hideout
When you arrive, you’ll see the bandits nearby on lookout. Use the transparency tonic in your backpack to sneak past them and go inside the building.
Inside, the bandits are all hiding behind things and can’t be shot. You need to shoot at the items above them, which will knock things from the wall down and force the bandits out of their hiding spots. For example, shoot the candle to light the rope on fire and shoot the shortgun on the fireplace mantle to force two of the bandits out. Then you can shoot them out in the open to knock them down.
When you get all of the other bandits, El Mustachio Grande will jump out of his hiding place and flee. Now you can chase him on horseback.
Follow him closely until you get to the river and then use your lasso to capture him when he stops.
Lead him all the way back north to Diamond Plains. When you arrive, he’ll be in jail and Marshal Taylor will be there to congratulate you and give you the island medallion. Great job!


Cheats to Wimpy Wonderland [ Monday 05/16/11 7:23pm]
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Need help finishing Wimpy Wonderland? Here’s the full written walkthrough for the island, with step-by-step instructions on how to beat Wimpy Wonderland in Poptropica.

First, talk to Greg Heffley, who is standing right near where you arrive on the island.
Follow Greg back to his house.
Go upstairs and get the address book in the bedroom in the upper-right corner.
Go left into Greg’s bedroom and get the page from his journal which is on the floor next to his desk.
Go into Manny’s bedroom through the door.
Go out through the window, across the roof to the left and run left up the hill to Rowley.
Talk to Rowley and then Manny appears on a rumble bike and runs past you.
Run back down to the right after Manny and go to Main Street. Then go past the Fast Mart and you’ll find the rumble bike stuck in the snow. Pick it up.
Manny is standing nearby, so chase after him.
Manny will jump up a tree and then leap off. Jump back down after him.
Pick up the carrot on the ground next to the snowman that was destroyed when Manny jumped out of the tree.
Go right to the School area. Manny is here and he will jump up the windows outside the school.
Run past the school entrance and push the garbage can there onto the left side of the see-saw.
Jump up the pine tree and pick up the scrap of paper there.
Climb up to the top of the tree and then jump down off the left side. You will land on the other end of the see-saw, causing the garbage can to fly up in the air and land on one of the lower roof-tops of the school.
Go to the left side of the school building and then jump up to that roof. Then run over to where the garbage can is and push it all the way to the left.
Next, jump onto the top of the garbage can and then from there jump to the top-left window, where you can enter the school.
Walk a little to the left past the lockers, and Manny will be there. You will automatically chase him downstairs and he’ll run outside.
Walk to the left to where the lockers are under the School Spirit sign. One of the lockers is clickable (it’s right under the R and I in “SPIRIT”).
Turn the combination lock in the directions indicated by the arrow to the following numbers: 9, 37, 15. These are the numbers on the scrap paper you found in the tree.
Inside the locker, you’ll find a Twisted Wizard game guide.
Return to Surrey Street and go inside the Heffley home. Find Greg over by the TV over on the right and Use the Twisted Wizard game guide. This will help Greg beat the level he’s on. He’ll then give you the game to return to Rowley.
Go outside and then up the hill to Rowley’s house. He’s now inside and can’t come out to play. If you try to go to the door, Rowley’s dad appears and won’t let you in.
Instead, go jump on the car to set off the alarm. Then run and hide behind the bushes near the front door. When Rowley’s dad goes out to investigate, run inside the open door.
Walk to the right to go into Rowley’s bedroom. You’ll give him the Twisted Wizard game and he’ll give you a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card as a thank-you.
Now return to the Heffley home and walk to the left. Use the Joshie Fan Club Membership Card to open the locked door on the left.
Go inside and examine the circuit breaker panel on the wall. Click the breaker for Roddick’s room to cut off the power to his stereo system.
Roddick will walk out of his room and leave the house. Go into his room and pick up the dog dish on the floor. Then follow him outside.
When you get outside, you’ll discover that Roddick’s van is now gone and you can access the garage. Go inside the garage.
Jump up and get the leaf blower hanging on the wall. Then leave the garage.
Walk up the hill to the snowman. Use the carrot you found to give the snowman a nose. Someone is inside the snowman and will say ouch!
Now use the leaf blower to blow the snow away and Fregley will appear. He’ll give you Frederick, his Bingo Troll as a token of gratitude for getting him out of the snowman.
Now run to the right, and go through Main Street and the School area until you arrive at Leisure Towers. Run to the right and jump up into the tree, which will bounce you up to the next floor. Go up from here to start climbing the outside of the building.
In the next part, you need to jump up the window sills while avoiding the old people who open up the windows. If someone opens a window while you’re standing next to it, you’ll get bounced off. Try to jump up all the windows until you get to the top right one, number 33C. Go inside this window.
Click on the old guy in the chair to wake him up. This is Gregory’s grandpa and he has seen Manny. He’ll only tell you after you eat salad with him.
In the salad game, all you have to do is click your mouse really fast to eat the salad while grandpa tells boring stories. Your goal is to not throw up. Just keep clicking really quickly until the salad bowl on the right is empty and your tummy is full.
Grandpa will tell you he saw Manny on the security camera, and you’ll see a video of Manny riding on someone’s motorized scooter outside.
Walk to the right, go out the door and then walk to the left to get into the elevator. Press the button for the Lobby.
Now walk to the left and go out to the front of the building. Then run to the right to get to Whirley Street, home of the notorious Whirley Street Kids.
Jump and move to the right, trying to avoid the snowballs they are throwing at you. All you have to do is reach the snow shovel which is a few steps to the right. Once you get it, go back to the left and leave the area.
Run to the left until you get to Gramma’s Street. Run left past the laundromat up to the house.
Stand in the driveway and then Use the snow shovel in your backpack. This will start the snow shoveling game.
In this game, all you need to do is click to pick up the snow and then drop it over on the right side. You must clear all the snow from the driveway before your body temperature gets too cold.
Once you clear the driveway, Gramma will leave in her car to go play Bingo at Leisure Towers.
Run to the right and head all the way back to Leisure Towers. Go inside the lobby and then into the room on the right, where Speed Bingo is being played.
To play the game, walk up to the empty spot at the table and then click on the troll in your backpack, which you can use as your bingo blotter.
Numbers will roll across the top. Use the blotter to mark the spot on all three of your cards whenever you have a match. You’ll need to move quickly and mark any matches before the number rolls off the right side of the tray.
When you win the bingo game, you’ll get the grand prize: a soothing sounds classical music CD.
Exit Leisure Towers and run to the left, returning to Main Street.
Go inside the Fast Mart and use the classical music CD. Then click on the music player on the wall and turn the volume to the max. That will chase away the teenagers hanging outside.
The store owner will give you a bottle of No-Freez wiper fluid as a reward.
Go back to the school and run up to the guy in front of the snow plow. Use the No-Freez wiper fluid in your backpack. This will start a new puzzle game.
You need to produce exactly four liters using the 10 liter bottle, a 5 liter cup and a 3 liter dog dish.
Click on the 10 liter bottle and fill the 3 liter dog food dish. This will leave 7 liters in the bottle.
Next empty the contents of the dog food dish into the cup.
Now pour the contents of the bottle into the dish again, leaving 4 liters in the bottle. Easy peasy!
The snow plow driver will leave to go to the convenience store to get some coffee.
Run to the left and return to Surrey Street. Go inside the Heffley house and open the curtains next to where Greg is playing video games. He’ll stop playing and say that Manny was probably looking for his blankie.
Walk outside the house and you’ll see Manny driving the snow plow!
Follow Manny up to the Laundromat and then go inside.
Manny will be sitting next to the change machine next to Tingy, his blankie. Click on him and Greg will appear.
Greg will tell you that everyone needs to get home before his mom gets home from work, but then the Whirley Street kids arrive on the scene.
Help Greg push the snowball to clear the path and knock over all the Whirley Street kids.
Next sled home to get back to the Heffley house in time. Greg will give you the island medallion for helping him find Manny!


Cheats for The Great Pumpkin Island [ Monday 05/16/11 7:00pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Run down Main Street to the right and head to the Pumpkin Patch, where you’ll find Linus and Lucy. Linus will ask you to help find the heaviest pumpkin in the patch. You have a timer and need to drag the heaviest pumpkin onto Lucy’s picture before time runs out. The quickest way to do this is to pick any two pumpkins and put them on the scales. Remove the lighter one and drop it off to the side so you don’t accidentally pick it up again. Then keep putting pumpkins on the scale, always removing the lighter one. After you’ve gotten through all the pumpkins, the one remaining on the scale is the heaviest, so drag it over to Lucy.

Next, Lucy and Linus need you to roll the pumpkin back to their house. This launches a challenging mini-game where you push a pumpkin along hills and obstacles. There are several spots where it can drop off or get hit by something and be destroyed. If it breaks, you’ll get sent back to a starting point (either the very beginning or the last flag marker you passed). The toughest part is near the end, where three kids are on swings. The best strategy is to get the pumpkin into position right next to the first swinger and then as soon as she passes you while swinging backwards, run and push as fast as you can all the way through. You and the pumpkin will end up safely next to Lucy.

Next you’ll go inside the Van Pelt house (Van Pelt is Linus and Lucy’s last name). Linus will give you a trick or treat bag. Lucy will carve the pumpkin and then the screen fades out to “Later that Day.” Charlie Brown and Linus have a quick conversation with you and then Linus starts to write a letter to the Great Pumpkin. Once this is over, run outside into the street and find Pig Pen. Give him the trick or treat bag and he’ll give you a lemon flavored Sucker. HEad back inside the Van Pelt house and give the lemon sucker to Linus. He’ll leave and then you can grab the pen he leaves behind on the desk. Now run outside.

Run left through Main Street to Charlie Brown’s backyard. There you’ll find Charlie Brown and Snoopy over by Snoopy’s doghouse. Talk to Charlie and then you’ll play a game as Snoopy where you have to blow leaves that fall from a tree onto the leaf pile. You need to move five leaves over to the pile to complete the game. You move left and right with your mouse and then click to blow up into the air to keep the leaf aloft. It takes a little getting used to because normally in Poptropica you click to move. Once you finish, Linus will arrive and jump into the pile of leaves. He’ll then walk away to go mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin.

Now run back to Main Street and you’ll find Linus next to the mailbox. Click on him and he’ll ask where his security blanket is. Now head back to Charlie Brown’s backyard and click on the pile of leaves. Move your cursor around really fast in a circular motion to blow all the leaves out of the way and then click on the blue blanket when it appears. Take the blanket back to Linus and he’ll use it top open the mailbox and mail the letter.

OK, now head back to Charlie Brown’s backyard once again (there’s a lot of running back and forth on this island!) and you’ll find Charlie Brown and Lucy playing football. Charlie wants a signed agreement from Lucy before he kicks it. Give him the pen you found on Linus’ desk when he asks for it. He’ll try to kick the ball but Lucy takes it away at the last second and he falls flat on his back. They’ll leave and then you can pick up the football. Go back over to where Snoopy’s doghouse is and stand under the tree. Use the football to kick it up into the branches, where it will knock down Snoopy’s aviator cap.

Now begins the whole Snoopy part of the quest. The first game is where you are Snoopy flying on his doghouse trying to avoid the Red Baron (who looks a lot like Woodstock!) The main strategy here is to fly around in loops and avoid the Red Baron as much as possible. You especially want to stay clear of the bombs he drops. Stay alive for one minute and then you’ll make an emergency landing behind enemy lines. The next part is where you run across the countryside at night while trying to avoid being spotted by the searchlight. This is a lot like the laser beam part in the museum in Counterfeit Island. You just need to run to the right and stop at each obstacle that you can hide behind. When the searchlight passes back to the left, run again to the next hiding place. When you reach the house, jump up on twice to get onto the roof and hide behind the chimney. Then drop down to the right and you’ll be standing next to a scarecrow. Take the mask off the scarecrow and walk to the right where you’ll find the entrance to the Halloween Party.

Inside the Halloween Party, you’ll find a bunch of different games that you need to win. The first one is bobbing for apples. This is very easy. Just click on one apple at a time when they appear. As soon as you get five, you win. The next game is where you carve a pumpkin using the back of Charlie Brown’s head as a model. All you need to do here is trace the shapes of a jack-o-lantern and then you’ll see your handiwork carved on the pumpkin.

The next game is harder. Here you’ll see a jack-o-lantern move around and then the screen goes dark. You need to place the jack-o-lantern pieces so that they overlap as closely as possible where the jack-o-lantern last appeared. It’s a bit like pin the tail on the donkey. If your pieces are all close enough, you’ll win. Here’s a quick tip: when the jack-o-lantern stops moving, put your finger on the screen right where it’s nose is. That way, you can line up the pieces very closely.

The final game is a rhythm music game on Schroeder’s piano. You need to click on the piano keys just as the falling dota land on the squares above them, just like in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. As long as you get enough of them to keep the blue progress bar past the red line, Snoopy will dance. At the end of the song, if he’s still dancing, you win.

The party will come to an end and everyone goes out in costume for trick-or-treating. All you really need to do here is ring the doorbell at each house and then jump up and catch one piece of candy (get a different at each house). When your candy bag is full, the trick-or-treating is over.

Now head back to the pumpkin patch, where you’ll find Sally and Linus still waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Give the bag of candy to Sally, and she’ll thank you. Once that happens, you’ll see a pumpkin moving in the foreground. Is it the Great Pumpkin? Nope, just Snoopy! Sally leaves in disgust but Linus says he’s going to stay. You’ll offer to stay with them. Then as night progresses, Lucy will arrive and thank you for watching out for Linus, who is now fast asleep on the ground. She’ll give you the island medallion as a reward and then she’ll take Linus home. Congratulations! You completed Great Pumpkin Island. Good grief!

After it’s all over, you can still go back and visit with most of the characters.


Okay. [ Sunday 05/15/11 4:11pm]
Okay, I'm starting a new thing here. I'm hoping a lot of people will get on board.

I am going to start giving CHEATS to POPTROPICA.


Writer's Block: Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy [ Sunday 05/15/11 4:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

Are you talking about a book? Specifically a book called "Maximum Ride"?

But, I would be very freaked out. Why? Did that just happen to you???? ;)

My life in the past 3 weeks. [ Monday 02/28/11 8:28pm]
[ mood | annoyed and happy at the same ]

So, in these past 3, 3and a half, to 4 weeks, I have had an injury:( I was at softball practice and a girl was swinging the bat and hit me in the face. This sucks. I was out of school for 2 1/2 weeks. I had plastic surgery to reconstruct my face. I was in recovery for a week and was doing schoolwork for a week.


Hi, Guys. [ Thursday 02/25/10 7:54pm]
[ mood | HYPER ]

Yeah, School was fun today. We barely did any work. The classes that we ACTUALLY di work in were Math and English. It ROCKED! In my Drama class I'm Augustus Gloop from Willie Wonka Jr. In choir I'm Brigitta from the sound of music.


My week [ Wednesday 02/24/10 9:05pm]
[ mood | Aaaah! ]

Well, we were sitting around watching Julie and Julia one night and, we get up once it's over and we go to the hall way and guess what? The back bathroom toilet has over-flowed. the water is like 1/2 an inch high. and EVERYTHING was wet. Even some areas of the floor are STILL wet. And it was SUNDAY! so every time i go to my mom's room, my feet get wet. Hope all of y'all had a better week than I did!


[ Tuesday 02/24/09 9:36am]
Hi everybody!!! Guess what? I went ice skating yesterday and I can actually do it. I went to Montgomery AL, Eastdale mall.It has an ice rink right in the middle of it!!!!!!!! I was traveling back from Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
too too 5 //cute

[ Saturday 04/5/08 8:01am]
Best site in the universe

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